CDVA: The Language for machines to understand each other

Standards Based Use of AI for Feasible Use of Images for Automating And New Applications

VCM Presentation

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In this presentation, CDVA is the first AI standard adopted by MPEG enabling a language between machines delivering understanding for AI. Examples of applications built with CDVA, and how it can be adapted into services for use cases from autonomous mobility to machine automation based on understanding gleaned from visual data.

“CDVA is the first standard emanating from the VCM initiative in MPEG, which together will define how visual data will be harnessed for use in reaching new levels of AI across industries​”

Gain insights into the emerging future of AI, when visual data will be optimized for machine use. Highlights include:

  • Needs of Machines driving CDVA/VCM
  • How CDVA Works
  • Same applications using CDVA

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