The Emerging Video Dominant Trends

Video data is the fastest growing content flowing through the internet, with an impact felt across the world, industries and in the everyday lives of people. Increasing integration of cameras on personal devices, smart home and office products and deployment of cameras for surveillance, on vehicles and in smart cities are driving this.

As early as 2016, Volvo shared insights about increase of video as a share of internet traffic, stemming from research on autonomous vehicles. Their estimate was that video would represent 70% of all data traffic by 2021.
*Volvo Cars, 2016

Recently, Cisco issued a study titled, “Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2016–2021” which predicts the growth and use of internet traffic. A key prediction that video will soon account for 82% of internet traffic by 2020.

In another study, Cisco went even further, and identified that in 2017, 34% of the data traffic was originating from Machine-to-Machine connections, the largest single segment among the many categories. Machine-to-machine is also the fastest growing segment, expected to account for 51% of all data traffic within 2022.

How to explain the projected growth? Machines aren’t collecting and using video data for entertainment, they do it sleeplessly as their purpose. Machines drive analysis and operations, collect and monitor status and direct other machines and processes. Machines are both originators and users of a growing share of video data transmitted and shared across industries and around the world.

Use Cases:
  • Machines at the edge of networks
  • In smart homes or offices
  • On robots or autonomous vehicles
  • Mounted on buildings
  • Located within factories 
  • Deployed across smart cities
Equipped with cameras, edge devices will be capturing video for their own use and also to drive operations or control devices around them. 

Video data has become more complex and rich over time, to satisfy the need for human eyes.

Human users of video desire ever improving graphics, color and resolution for entertainment and mission critical tasks.

Machine users of video have no desires, they require only the bare minimum in graphics, color & resolution to execute tasks.