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Leading automotive makers have started replacing GPUs with application-specific AI chip designs to support AI and self-driving vehicles to achieve high- performance inference with the lowest power consumption. This new shift in new automotive design creates the need for other automotive makers to have their own AI chip architecture competitive in a future of vehicles needing self-driving and automotive AI. Now is the time to engage with appropriate AI technology and solutions.

GTI's Silicon-proven solution

Licensing GTI’s AI technology can accelerate time to market, increase AI performance, lower power use, and reduce equipment cost. GTI’s matrix- based AI chips bring 2-5 times the improvement when compared to application-specific AI chip designs starting to replace GPUs.

GTI’s IP licensing includes development tools, technical documentation, development hardware offerings, chip design expertise, and technical support. Pre-trained and pre-tuned models are also available for machine learning tasks such as object detection and feature extraction.

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Gyrfalcon offers Automotive AI Chip Technology

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