Lacelli™ Edge Inferencing Server AI Acceleration Subsystem

Industry's Best Ratio of Performance-to-Power

Product overview

Integrates leading AI performance combined with low power use provided by Gyrfalcon’s Lightspeeur® 2803 AI Accelerator chips, together with Arm® core based multi-core processor ICs. The Gyrfalcon Accelerator chips are mounted on M.2 cards, and they can function independently or aggregated to work on large AI models. Each sub-system is connected to the server via a PCIe interface. Each AI Module delivers 67 TOPS, and 1,200 FPS, consumes only 5 watts of power, delivering 240 FPS/W.

High Performance

67 - 2,144 TOPS

Low Cost

Priced for scale

Best Peak Performance

240 FPS/Watt/ module

Low Power

5 Watts/module

Server - AI Accelerator Subsystem

– 32 x AI Module Slots and Ports
– High performance CPU
– Redundant power supplies
– Twin type fans

ai module

 – PCle Accelerator Card 
– Gen2 x16 as 4 x 4 bifurcated lanes 
– 4 x Lightspeeur® 2803S 


Flexible on-chip model processing capabilities allow the Lacelli™ Edge Inferencing Server AI Acceleration Subsystem to be used with different configurations. Batch parallel process images and video through single model-to-chip config or larger and more complex models such as ResNet-101 or ResNet-152 cascaded through multiple chips.

TARGETED inference

 Image Recognition · Object Detection & Tracking · Natural Language Processing · Natural Language Understanding · Business Intelligence · Visual Analysis

MODELS & performance

VGG – 2,914 FPS
ResNet – 20,480 FPS
MobileNet – 12,800 FPS

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