AI Architecture that Accelerates the Future

GTI’s architecture offers a unique way to design and develop AI hardware. Our suite of accelerator chips and boards enable companies to develop advanced AI capabilities, from Edge to Cloud. Our solutions bring the power of cloud Artificial Intelligence to local devices and improves Cloud AI performance with greater performance and efficiency, providing the utmost in AI customization for new solutions. 

Domain-Specific Architecture

The Matrix Processing Engine (MPE™) is a two-dimensional array of digital multiply-add (MAC) units that computes the series of layer operations of a convolutional neural network. The scalable matrix design allows each engine to directly communicate and interact with adjacent engines, optimizing and accelerating data flow. 

Matrix Processing Engine

Clustered computing elements perform inference without having to go off-chip to DRAM. 

AI Processing in Memory (APiM)

APiM increases computing efficiency in a revolutionary way

In Memory computing

AI Processing in Memory (APiM) handles AI computing in a revolutionary way by including localized memory that holds the weights and activations for the neural network. APiM eliminates the bottleneck of massive data movement, which increases performance, decreases power consumption and lowers cost.

patent portfolio

CNN Architecture

CNN Data Structure

Memory Architecture

Motion Recognition

Natural Language Processing

Hierarchical Classification

AI Inference Computing Device

Natural Language Translation

Approved & Pending


White Paper

Intelligent Transportation
Gain insights into the Intelligent Transportation landscape, industry issues, and the direction of the autonomous vehicle market.

White Paper

Accelerating AI-Defined Cars
Gain insights into the automotive landscape, industry issues, and the direction of the autonomous vehicle market.

Frost & Sullivan Report

 New Product Innovation Award
Gyrfalcon was recognized in 2019 by leading global research organization Frost & Sullivan for Innovative AI Accelerator Chips.

Research Papers

10+ Paper Submissions Accepted
Gyrfalcon’s research papers have been presented at prestigious technical conferences around the world.

video coding for machines (VCM)

GTI has been active in the MPEG standards and has been recognized by industry analysts for technology innovations leveraging AI and deep learning. 

Optimizing video data for machine use will be a key driver for commercializing new solutions and enabling mass adoption and innovation.

development & training tools

Gyrfalcon offers silicon-proven solutions. Register for access to our Developer Portal to gain free access to software, sample code, etc. Purchase development hardware and begin evaluating and prototyping.


Access software & resources to design, test and deploy high-performance AI models.


GTI offers SDKs to build and deploy AI solutions on edge and cloud deployments.


Connect our USB dongles and PCI boards to easily create AI enabled apps and solutions.