Gyrfalcon is Named as a Top 10 Processor for AI Acceleration at the Endpoint in 2020 by EE Times

Gyrfalcon uses a processor-in-memory technique that is particularly power-efficient compared with other architectures for high-performance Edge AI with low energy use

MILPITAS, Calif.May 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Gyrfalcon Technology, Inc. (GTI) designed the 4th generation, best of breed neural accelerator specifically for mass market IoT and Edge AI Devices. EE Times writes: “Designed for the consumer electronics market, Gyrfalcon’s Lightspeeur 5801 offers 2.8 TOPS at 224-mW power consumption (the equivalent of 12.6 TOPS/W) with 4-ms latency. Gyrfalcon uses a processor-in-memory technique that is particularly power-efficient compared with other architectures.” This recognition underscores GTI’s commitment to optimizing AI-powered solutions that deliver an unmatched ratio of high performance-to-low energy consumption with reduced production costs. The newest AI accelerator is recently implemented in LG’s Q70 mid-range smartphone, handling inference for camera effects.

GTI provides processing power for AI and ML workloads for almost every application, from machine-to-machine/human visions to voice interface. The AI accelerator chips easily integrate into a variety of host processors embedded in endpoint devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart cameras, surveillance cameras, IoTs as well as robotic vehicles and data centers.

GTI’s commercially available AI chips also support the CDVA (Compact Descriptor for Video Analysis) standard, enabling video/image searching & coding under the emerging VCM (Video Coding for Machine) standard. Many markets will benefit from the adoption of VCM, such as Smart Home, Smart City, Autonomous Vehicle, Intelligent Industry, and Intelligent Transportation.

White papers authored by Dr. Rafie can be found here: whitepaper/ and

The Lightspeeur® family supports popular Al frameworks such as Caffe, PyTorch, and TensorFlow. GTI provides Software Development kits (SDKs) and turn-key reference designs backed by system verification hardware, software, and tools to speed system development.

About Gyrfalcon Technology, Inc. (GTI)
Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. (GTI) is the world’s leading developer of high performance AI Accelerators that use low power, packaged in low-cost and small sized chips. Founded by veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and Artificial Intelligence scientists, GTI drives adoption of AI by bringing the power of cloud Artificial Intelligence to local devices, and improves Cloud AI performance with greater performance and efficiency, providing the utmost in AI customization for new equipment and a path to AI upgrade to customers. For more information on GTI, visit


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