Gyrfalcon’s Low-Power Multi-Chip Board Amazes CES 2018

Las Vegas, NV—Have you ever seen a chip that’s smaller than your fingertip yet with a remarkable energy efficiency? The Silicon Valley rising AI startup Gyrfalcon Technology Inc. (GTI) is ready to exceed the mainstream chip companies with its newly-launched multi-chip board that amazed CES 2018.

GTI’s Lightspeeur® 2801S was taped out successfully in September 2017. With an ultra-high-performance energy efficiency rated 9.3Tops/Watt, the chip is proven to be the world’s smallest in size and the lowest powered Matrix Neural Processor. It delivers a revolutionary APiM (AI Processing in memory) architecture which features massively parallel compute capabilities to empower AI to consumer electronic devices, mobile edge computing, as well as cloud AI datacenters.

Based on Lightspeeur® 2801S, the 38mm*100mm eight-chip board provides outstanding parallel compute capabilities for on-device and cloud applications and can be connected with both M.2. and PCIe interfaces. It runs in various open frameworks like TensorFlow, Caffe and others to complete deep learning training and inference tasks.

GTI is confident in its multi-chip board and other turn-key designs shown at CES 2018. All the demos are running without internet connections. They received extremely positive feedback from industry leaders.

Socionext Inc, a leader in advanced SoC solutions for video and imaging systems, has already signed a strategic partnership agreement for the development of an AI platform with GTI. The combination of GTI’s proprietary AI accelerator chip and Socionext’s high-efficiency parallel processor system will create a high-speed, low-power system to perform image and video analysis, recognition and segmentation in surveillance systems, live-streaming and other video applications.

Socionext’s CEO Yasuo Nishiguchi said in an interview that he was looking forward to this partnership. “We work very closely with AI markets. The feature of low-power consumption is in high demand. The power shortage drama at CES could be avoided if low-powered devices were offered for AI demos.”

Toshiya Eguchi, Executive Officer of Konica Minolta Inc, spoke highly of Lightspeeur® solutions after visiting their showroom. “I believe that low-power consumption is the key trend for AI processors, the combination of Socionext and GTI definitely provides the best solution for on-device AI applications and the platform has huge potential to push forward in the market,” said Mr. Eguchi.

The eight-chip board and other designs are ready for mass production. More info available at