Lightspeeur® 2801S Neural accelerator


Product overview

Lightspeeur® 2801S is the world’s first commercially available deep learning CNN accelerator chip to run audio and video processing to power AI devices for edge, desktop, and data center deployment.

High Energy Efficiency

9.3 TOPs/Watt

Lowest $/TOP

Priced for scale with IoT endpoints

Small Size

7mm x 7mm

Best Peak Performance

5.6 TOPs @ 100MHz

Ultra Low Power

2.8 TOPs @ 300mW

Lightspeeur® pairs with a host processor to improve AI performance, while significantly reducing energy costs by minimizing host processing and power requirements with no extra memory requirements.

core technology

Lightspeeur® 2801S uses 100% proprietary and patented technologies to accelerate CNN processing at extremely high speeds, while consuming very little power.

GTI’s Matrix Processing Engine (MPE™) architecture is a multi-dimensional processing array of physical matrices of digital multiply-add (MAC) units that computes the series of matrix operations of a convolutional neural network. The scalable matrix design of the engines allows each engine to directly communicate and interact with adjacent engines, optimizing and accelerating data flow.

SUPPORTed networks


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GTI offers the tools to build and deploy Artificial Intelligence solutions on edge and cloud deployments.

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